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October 19-23, 2022

I have been a fan from a distance of the BRUSHLAND family for years. Sohail is a chef whose way of hosting eaters in the Brushland Eating House is enough to make one weep with envy when the entrancing images pass through your Instagram timeline. His wife Sara is a design wizard who's created the most magical and understated interiors for their collection of Airbnbs. Her way with words and aesthetic fingerprint through their photographs makes you wish you could walk through a portal and end up on their land, pulling produce from their garden or dipping your toes into the running brook nearby. Add their two magnetic new daughters to the mix and you can see why the setting they provide has been so widely covered by media for its unique warmth, vitality and wholesome charm.

This is the setting for the first SOUL TOUR.

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 4.02.06 PM.png

Our connection to food will be woven through our experience there whether that's a hot drink as we do our morning journaling, an intuitive cooking workshop, mushroom foraging, the local produce we consume at meals as we reflect on the lands and hands that cultivated it or the treat of a final night's dinner at the Brushland restaurant (an experience that would alone make the whole trip worth it).

We will also be synchronizing our souls to the truth of the natural world around us. With a walk each morning as the sun rises to set our circadian rhythms, we will also explore the health benefits of not using any artificial light (electricity or screens) after the sun has set. Each participant will be provided their own lantern as we travel to the days of old and experience a simpler way of life attuned to the season's unique daily rhythms.

Self healing workshops will be provided by myself, Libby and Daryl, each bringing our sacred modalities ranging from intuition development, divination, psychosynthesis, voice dialogue, breathwork and meditation. This inner work will be interspersed with experiences outdoors such as a funghi foraging adventure, visits to local farms and markets, hikes through fall foliage and evening bonfires.

Bring your coziest sweater, a favourite notebook and a fellow soul traveller, and let's do this.



All meals prepared by local chefs:
farm to table, locally sourced ingredients.
Intuitive cooking workshop
Final night dinner at Brushland Eating House

Shuttle service from NY State airports or local bus stations (Dehli)
Transport to local activities (hikes etc.)
Transport to NY State not included

Psychosynthesis, Experiential Self Inquiry & Guided Journaling with Libby Parker

Voice Dialogue, Dreamwork, Breathwork, Movement & Meditation with Daryl Vansier
Divination, Intuition Development, Group Readings & Self Healing with Natalie Vansier (Tour de Soul founder)

Given the small size of the retreat group, all inner work offers participants close attention from three experienced healing practitioners.
This is a rare opportunity to have access to multiple intuitive and therapeutic guides.

Fungi Foraging
Bonfire Ritual
Farm / Market Tours (if possible due to Covid)

Candle-lit lanterns
Welcome Bags & Journals
Linens provided by Airbnbs.

Due to the fact that all my web services are offered in CAD dollars, and despite the fact that all of our expenses will be paid to providers in USD, I have decided to charge the original fees now in CAD if you register before October 1st (savings of approximately $600-900 CAD). 


7-14 Spaces Available

The Airbnb accommodations are shared by retreat participants and provide the location for our group exercises. Each room comes with a single Queen sized bed.
Cost of Attendance ​

$3000 CAD if you travel solo.
$2000 CAD for a shared Queen if you come with a fellow traveller.
(if you are interested to share a bed with someone you don't know, please get in touch).

If you'd like to pay in instalments or split a room, please contact me at

For logistical questions, please contact me at

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