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Self Healing Consults

My form of intuitive coaching

Bundle formats are meant to cultivate links of accountability and follow through. By meeting weekly or bi-monthly, we ensure that you see sustainable results from the work you put in with me.


The reason I call my intuitive coaching Self Healing Consults is that this therapeutic exchange is meant to foster a self reliance that actually goes beyond the traditional structure of the ego-self. By showing you how to rely on the clarity from the wisest part of your soul as well as from your spiritual support system in the form of various guides, you begin to trust in your capacity to make integrated, honest decisions. 

This is so important because any form of practitioner that doesn't guide you back to your own wisdom and radical self affirmation will simply create a dependence that is disempowering in the long run. While I do give advice (as I do in a reading), I also provide self healing tools so that you can resource yourself between sessions in any time or situation. Nothing is more freeing than trusting yourself and life.

Sessions come in bundles of six or fifteen.

what my clients are saying

"Every experience with Tour de Soul has been surprising, profound, fun and different to what I was expecting. I always look forward to the workshops, readings and consultations because I feel safely guided to get out of my own way and see with a new perspective. It's a great privilege to relax into Natalie's wisdom and energy, and to learn how to balance what comes up; through every Tour de Soul engagement I feel better about embracing the unknown, and the adventure that it brings. Dear reader, you are in good hands!!"

A.K {Google review}

"Natalie has the wisdom of having lived a thousand lifetimes. To every word she spoke, my soul said “yes!” She has been a beacon of light in my journey, a true gift, and I plan to continue my work with her as my spiritual life-guide."

Y. V.G.B. {Google Review}

"Natalie possesses a wisdom wayyyyy beyond her years. Her intuitive insights seem to pierce to the heart of issues with efficiency and her warmth and humor anchor it all, paving a path for applicability and action. A session with Natalie is a bit where spiritual guidance meets life coaching meets coffee with a great friend. It could well be that Natalie came to the planet to do exactly this. She shoots you straight, which I appreciate, in a loving way showing a vision of possibility and growth and optimism!"


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