October 21st at 12:00-1:00 pm EST

A one hour workshop exploring multidisciplinary avenues for intuition development to inspire meaningful action in career, love, home, health and more.

Bring a notebook or preferably a sketchbook, an open mind and a whole lot of self trust.


I will be guiding this small and intimate group through a series of exercises meant to highlight your existing intuitive nudges using various faculties including: physical sensation, creative expression, other people's mimetic influence and the inner voice.


 Once we can clear out the noise of self doubt, and one's apparent mental confusion and emotional contradiction, certain clear action steps will rise to the surface inspiring effortless movement.

Please take the online Zoom course in a quiet, private space and be prepared to share. The session will not be recorded to facilitate honest exchange.


Now open for enrolment!

This 6-week course is conducted at your own pace but it is recommended to focus on one module per week and apply your chosen self healing technique for the full seven days.

Each module contains 1-2 videos and accompanying PDFs, as well as an accountability checklist. One has to complete the content in a module before moving onto the next.

The curriculum is cumulative, meaning: one learns how to habit stack through navigating the course.

In Week One: INVITE, the first tool practiced daily only takes a minute. In the second week, another tool is added to the first until one has built their entire morning routine by the end of the 6 weeks.


Getting Unstuck Through Empowered Action: Relationships

on Insprly.com

November 13th at 4:00-5:15pm EST

The first instalment in a series of workshops on the theme of shifting patterns of behaviour through transformative action steps.

Relationships play a key role in our overall well being. Nurturing connections enhance our life experiences and further our growth, whilst unhelpful ones drain our energy, in some cases spiralling us into self doubt and self recrimination.


Whether it be in a relationship with a friend, family member, colleague or romantic partner, we begin the workshop by helping to distinguish between two kinds of interpersonal challenges: those that stimulate our personal development and those that keep us locked in toxic cycles.


Then, using journal prompts, we untangle unwanted dynamics in our relationships to distill them down to their core elements. Identifying the underlying desire, need or goal that we are striving towards, we will decide on individual action steps to begin the process of setting positive changes in motion.


One single, powerful step in the right direction transforms our entire path.


"As I was unable to attend the workshop earlier this week, I listened to the recording this afternoon and it was quite a powerful experience for me. I reclaimed something I lost many years ago, actually if I am to be honest, it feels brand new and something wonderful has now shifted within me. I realize there is a timing for everything to unfold and by you inviting us to get clear and embrace simplicity - you left no room for us to slink off into a dark undefined corner! - I found gifts of heart and spirit in that hour and a half workshop. Bravo, great job - how to say thank you to someone who guides you closer to home within yourself.  When is the next one?? "


"It was a blissful workshop: illuminating, calming, and persuasive. Thank you!


"Such a beautiful workshop. Thank you for walking through the process of manifesting so systematically."



Co-Creating to Manifest your Aligned Desires

on Insprly.com

October 14th at 4:00-5:15pm EST

Manifesting what is truly meant for us should be easy. It is an ability we all have been given.


Our best manifestations arrive when we are open to receive from the Universe/Source/God, believing that what’s meant for us comes exactly when and how it’s meant to happen. 


Yet certain mental shifts and spiritual tools align us with our innermost desires. This class introduces daily practices to call in your greatest potential in relationships, health, career/money and lifestyle. 


Self healing and divination techniques will also be covered to reveal your innate capacity to access intuitive wisdom whenever you need it.