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The North Node represents the part of your astrological birth chart that speaks to your soul's purpose in this lifetime (dharma) and the patterns, habits and personas from past lives/earlier life (karma) that you are meant to outgrow in order to incarnate your destined path.


If you are going to buy one calendar, go with your North Node sign. To get a more nuanced picture, buy the calendar corresponding to your North Node's house placement as well.


Below are the house numbers and their equivalent signs:

1 - Aries

2 - Taurus

3 - Gemini

4 - Cancer

5 - Leo

6 - Virgo

7 - Libra 

8 - Scorpio

9 - Sagittarius

10 - Capricorn

11 - Aquarius

12 - Pisces


Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions!

Cancer / 4th House - North Node 30-Day Calendar

  • To find our your North Node sign and house, go to and use their free birth chart generator to find out the your North (Moon or True) Node sign and what house it resides in (1-12). You do not need to know your birth time to find out your North Node sign but you do need to know it to find out the house placement. Therefore you simply need to know the birth date and year of a person to buy them their North Node calendar as a gift!