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La Carolina Lodge


February 6-10, 2023


Alchemizing inner guidance into aligned action


Globally we are coming through a period of re-emergence and nothing feels quite the same as it did in 2019. What that looks like for us as individuals is different but what we have in common is a feeling of having been given a unique opportunity to consciously (re)design this next phase of our lives. Many of us are in the midst of an intentional transition such as moving away from outdated situations at home, at work and in our identity structures.


While this process is liberating and often uncomfortable, only part of the work is done. Displacing the old patterns and dynamics that kept us stuck and disempowered leaves us with a newly created space. What do we want to build here? What seeds yearn to be planted?

 During this 5-day retreat, our three experienced and multidisciplinary facilitators will help you reconnect to what is already working while drawing out the parts of your soul that are clear about the healing that remains to be done so that your most authentic desires can rise to the surface and take the lead. 

While we can access our truth and internal guidance system anytime, right beyond the limits  of our fears, insecurities and conditioning, there is nothing quite like a guiding hand and peaceful paradise to embolden you to take action to co-create the life you truly desire. Experiences like this are not only transformative and pleasurable, they are unforgettable.


La Carolina on the Rio Celeste river is the ideal natural sanctuary to soothe our nervous systems, embody a slower pace and energize our bodies in a revelatory way. The candlelit common spaces, the wood-powered hot tubs, the river flowing through the majestic land and the tasty meals sourced entirely from their ethically grown farm nourish the soul on all levels.

There is something about this place that can not be described in words but the moment you set foot on their land, you will feel it. This was our experience when we first visited and it is the same thing I have heard uttered again and again by all those who stay there. Read through their Google reviews and you'll see what we mean, like the one from this recent visitor:

We stayed here again and I am telling you, it doesn't get better than this. If you are in need of disconnecting, look no further. If this is your first time in Costa Rica, my recommendation is to make La Carolina Lodge your first stop. Come here immediately & feed your soul with the warm hospitality, sounds of nature, and blissful ambiance you won't find anywhere else. Bless you guys for having such an amazing property that you share with the world.

- Lyndsey Whittington

main deck view.jpg


What life presents to us can be uplifting or crushing and much of what happens, happened or will happen is out of our control. Yet we are always actively co-creating our reality through the quality of our intention, perspective, presence and engagement.

The tools and guided introspection we present in this retreat offer a supportive framework that you will be able to return to again and again throughout various chapters of your life. While relaxation and fun will surely be part of your experience in RE-EMERGENCE, the benefits will long outlast the journey itself.

We will build a sturdy foundation for this inner work through the opportunity to "unplug" from our devices and constant overstimulation, with WiFi being limited to one area of the lodge. Dinner at La Carolina is only served until 7:30pm which will encourage us to naturally attune to the Circadian rhythm of the rising and setting of the sun like the rest of plant and animal life. Daily kindness will be shown to our bodies through activities like breath work, nature hikes and periods of rest spent by the fireplace, in the natural hot tub or dunking in the river. Those who choose to can get their hands dirty in the garden or ride a horse.

This grounding and refreshing backdrop will invite our unconscious imagination and spiritual connection to surface in their full splendour through our morning and afternoon workshops. The rich program of self healing seminars is unique in that it is guided by three facilitators with varying approaches, yet common threads and goals. This multilayered learning environment will be a safe and stimulating context for the participants to develop their own group synergy, which is often the most remarkable part of these events.



What do a psychotherapist, retired Buddhist monk and a Tarot reader have in common? A lot apparently, and not just because they share a family tree.

Team Bios



Natalie Vansier is the founder of Tour de Soul which operates at the intersection of esoterica and practical habit forming. Fascinated by how we make decisions, her offerings empower clients to be guided by intuition, divination and desire, rather than fear-based conditioning.


With an MA in Art History & Philosophy, her professional odyssey through entertainment and contemporary art plunged her deeper into life-long soul searching, discovering tools she now uses to facilitate others in her signature 6-week program, PURPOSE-FULL: The Garden Tour. While contentedness is largely a state of mind, our sense of harmony with the outside world is greatly influenced by the quality of our relationships and the work we do. That is why Natalie strives to equip her clients with specific tools that offer them clarity on how to take aligned action and become the architects of their most desirable lives.

With a focus on honing our internal guidance system in a way that fosters integration, Natalie helps put clients back in the driver's seat to feel faith, grace and power in the decisions they make every day.

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Libby Parker is a certified Psychosynthesis therapist, a branch of psychotherapy noted for its holistic approach to emotional and spiritual growth based on a unique blend of Eastern spirituality and Western psychology. Libby has been in private practice since 1996 and in 2006 founded Solutions from Within, where she offers counselling sessions, group courses and workshops that emphasize education and tools for self-empowerment.  Her popular course The Power Within is the first in a six-part series of classes which focuses on building awareness and discovering passion, direction and harmony in one's life through self-exploration and expression. Libby's work has facilitated countless people in gaining trust, connection and creativity in their self healing journeys and finding joy and peace in their everyday lives.

In 2015, Libby introduced Soul Retreats by the Sea, a maritime oasis where groups embark on an in-depth experience centered on de-stressing from the pressures of daily life, learning new strategies to cope with inner pressures and exploring the possible next steps in creating a healthier and happier life. It is her deep pleasure to now join the Soul Tours team.


Daryl Vansier's life has been dedicated to self-inquiry, self-healing and his passion is to share it with others. He began to question the meaning of life at a young age and at 21, when most young men and women are preparing for their life journey by building an identity that fits into the context of the society they are born into, he embarked on his inner journey as a Buddhist monk. Eleven years later he hatched from that incubator to integrate what he learned by reconnecting with his brothers and sisters in the world. He trained in and practiced various healing arts including massage, structural bodywork, movement re-education, yoga, and Voice Dialogue and founded a healing centre in Montreal called Heaven and Earth Institute where he practiced as a body-mind therapist, yoga and meditation teacher and offered classes, workshops and retreats.

Daryl’s passion now is to empower individuals to actualize their desire to live a meaningful and abundant life. He recently completed a manual for living a joyful and wholesome life called Walk the Talk: The Art of Living. In this retreat he will be sharing tools for discovering the underlying energies that determine the way we live and practices to help us walk our talk.

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Marianne Caron

Marianne Caron has flourished in the fashion industry as a gifted makeup artist, writer and former model. She is a passionate explorer whether that's in the context of travel or soul inquiry. Marianne has long envisioned hosting soulful gatherings in unique venues which made her an ideal fit for the SOUL TOURS team. 


When you pay your registration fee online to secure your place, Marianne will be following up with you to plan the remainder of your trip. 

This will include:

- sleeping arrangements and room selection

- dietary preferences or restrictions

- shuttle from the airport to the venue

- instalment payments 


For logistical questions, you can email her here.


For those of you who follow the Tour de Soul Instagram, you will know that how we nourish ourselves is very important to me. I enjoy a meal exponentially more when I know the ingredients are sourced from a farm whose values I respect, most importantly: the ethical treatment of animals, human workers and the sustainability of the natural environment.

When doing groceries I can ensure I purchase from no waste grocery stores and specialty shops that are supplied by local regenerative, permaculture farms. But in restaurants and while travelling, this is an extremely rare occurrence. So much so that my discomfort at eating food that is not organic and likely factory farmed has often tainted my enjoyment of meals and restaurants during my travels.

That is why both of the SOUL TOURS venues were chosen for their food culture, both in terms of their taste and their connection to the land that surrounds them. Those who prepare the food in these places are intimately connected with the process from pasture to plate. To see just how poignantly La Carolina exemplifies this, watch the touching video above.

Cabin interior (Dufresnes photo)_edited.jpg


Three farm to table meals every day including fresh coffee, tea, hot chocolate, homemade juices etc. (No alcohol is served on the premises but it is permitted to bring your own).
Interactive visit of the farm animals and vegetable gardens 

Psychosynthesis, Experiential Self Inquiry & Guided Journaling with Libby Parker

Voice Dialogue, Dreamwork, Breathwork, Movement & Meditation with Daryl Vansier
Divination, Intuition Development & Self Healing with Natalie Vansier (Tour de Soul founder)

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES (on the premises)
Use of the property:

Hiking trails



Fire heated hot tub

Little pedal boat on adjacent property

Outdoor yoga &/or fitness platform




Shuttle service organized by the venue is available. Group shuttles from the airport can be organized with the help of Marianne so that participants can share the costs. We strongly recommend travelling to Liberia airport which is only 1.5 hours away from the retreat location. If you can only find a preferred flight to the San Jose airport, there is a convenient and affordable small plane service between both airports (SANSA airlines).

Please arrange to arrive at La Carolina by the afternoon of the 6th. Check in as of 1pm on the 6th. Checkout is at 11 am on the 10th.


Horseback riding (onsite)

Massage (onsite)

Tours to the nearby National Park (Rio Celeste) with guide

Cacao Farm Tour


february 06


Check in & Settle in

Opening Orientation

Tuning In Meditation

february 08


Voice Dialogue Facilitation and Auto-Facilitation" (Daryl)

“Let your Habits Speak: An Experiential Journey into the Language of Habits” (Libby)

"Manifestation Magic: Step by Step Guide for Alchemizing our Current Reality into our Desired Future" (Natalie)

february 10


Closing Circle

Check-Out & Goodbyes

february 07


where are we?

”Emergence Through the Lens of Psychosynthesis” (Libby)


where are we going?

“What the Heck Do I Even Want? - Strategies for Clarifying our Desires” (Natalie)


who are we?

“The Paradox of Wholeness: Embracing Our Divided Selves” (Daryl)

february 09


"Decisive Action: Interpreting the Signs and Staying the Course of our Purpose" (Natalie)


“Decoding our Dreams: The Doorway to our Soul" (Daryl)


“Re-Emergence: Clarifying and Energizing your Future Self / Fire Circle” (Libby)

every day

Personal time

2-4 hours per day will be kept for free to commune with nature, hike, work with the animals, horseback ride, use fire-heated hot tub, do a tour in Rio Celeste etc.


Spaces are limited and extremely time sensitive

Costa Rica is in peak tourist season during the time of the retreat. Since it is impossible to predict the number of attendees and cabins are secured on a first come first serve basis, it is absolutely crucial you reserve your place with the registration fee as soon as possible. The earlier you secure your reservation with an instalment payment, the more say you will have over your choice of room, cabin etc. Upon paying your registration fee, please contact Marianne to confirm whether you are hoping for a shared or single room, and she will let you know what is available at that time (with photos & cabin details). Due to our own non-refundable financial commitment to the venue, any payments made to secure one's place are non-refundable. Travel insurance is thus recommended for your trip.
Cost of Attendance ​


EARLY BIRD PRICING: both instalments &/or paid in full by December 31st

Shared Room: $1850 CAD: $360 registration fee + 2 instalments of $745 

Single Room: $2250 CAD: $360 registration fee + 2 instalments of $945 
(if you plan to attend with a friend(s) or partner, please let us know).

LAST CALL PRICINGboth instalments &/or paid in full by January 15th 

Shared Room (if you plan to attend with a friend(s) or partner, please let us know).
American: $ 1770 USD: $265 registration fee + 2 instalments of $752 (appx. based on exchange)
Canadian: $2400 CAD: $360 registration fee + 2 instalments of $1020 

Single Room: 
American: $2063 USD: $265 registration fee + 2 instalments of $899 (appx. based on exchange)
Canadian: $2800 CAD: $360 registration fee + 2 instalments of $1220 

For specifications on cabins (subject to availability), please contact

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