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Your North Node

All my one on one work starts here.

Your North Node sign and house placement is calculated with your date, time and location of birth, as are the other elements of your birth chart.


In astrology, the North Node (or true/moon node) points to your soul's calling in this lifetime, karmic patterns from past lives you are meant to outgrow and the area of life which holds the biggest potential for this transformation (daily habits, home, career, relationships etc.).

I like to start my Self Healing Consults with a North Node session, as it orients a fruitful direction of growth for the client's future sessions. 

"Natalie possesses a wisdom wayyyyy beyond her years. Her intuitive insights seem to pierce to the heart of issues with efficiency and her warmth and humor anchor it all, paving a path for applicability and action. A session with Natalie is a bit where spiritual guidance meets life coaching meets coffee with a great friend. It could well be that Natalie came to the planet to do exactly this. She shoots you straight, which I appreciate, in a loving way showing a vision of possibility and growth and optimism!"


"The North Node reading and consult was the absolute best. I came into the reading not understanding my life’s purpose or how I would get there or achieve it. The reading gave me practical everyday action steps towards achieving my dreams. I’ve worked with Natalie a couple of times now and find her to be extremely brilliant at what she does. Her readings are spot spot on and delivered in an easy to understand and very organized way. She makes detailed and complex information come together seamlessly. I so appreciate her work!”


""The North Node Reading that Natalie offered me was personalized and its messages unfolded over time for me in my daily life. In combination with the tarot reading and careful, smart, and insightful consultations, I have come to love Natalie’s meticulous, yet open method brimming with wisdom. She offers a rare combination of real world talents, ethereal knowledge, warmth, brilliance, and grounded in Earth time/space. I will continue to work with her and can’t wait for what comes next in our work together!""

-- MGB

Self Healing Consults

Guiding you to your knowing self.

After a Tarot reading and North Node consult, many clients gain from integrating the insights that arose into specific areas of their life.

Here we go deeper, looking at how to dismantle outmoded patterns and liberate the soul to pursue its intended trajectory.

Sessions include: intuitive guidance, tools for making self healing a part of day to day life and practices for holistically healthy, spiritual living.

Areas of expertise include habit-making, relationships and finding your soul's purpose in work and career.

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