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Retreats all over the world centered on integrative wholeness

What does it mean to be spiritual if we don't consider the welfare of our interwoven ecosystems: the communities, species, lands, seasons, times of day and our own intricate nervous systems?


I had an epiphany as I was working with the first batch of participants in my PURPOSE-FULL program. We were doing the Purpose Code exercise and I was encouraging them to try and roll as many of their interests and passions into their sacred work as possible. And it dawned on me.

Travel, animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and connection with nature and food were all interests I was just as passionate about as spiritual work. So why were they not included in my core business? Why had I relegated them to the category of "reward" for hard work and money earned when they could be a central force in my heart's vocation? That is how the idea of SOUL TOURS was born.

My mother, Libby Parker, and my father, Daryl Vansier (divorced since I was 5) have given their own retreats for years. Libby offers seaside retreats in Nova Scotia and elsewhere utilizing psychosynthesis, art therapy and psychotherapy self healing techniques. Daryl hosted silent yoga and meditation retreats in Quebec's countryside before incorporating breathwork and Voice Dialogue when he relocated to Costa Rica. Both of their practices are distinct but overlap profoundly with one another's and with what I offer clients at Tour de Soul. 

 It is sometimes outstanding how we miss what is right under our nose. So I feel deeply aligned with my dharma to begin to offer retreats in collaboration with my two healing predecessors. 

Using a mixture of therapeutic modalities, both psychological and physiological, from practical to metaphysical, these retreats pull our attention inward to the wisest parts of our being but also draw us out of ourselves, so that we may be blessed by the unique flavour and generosity of our surroundings.

Each retreat is different and forged from the the particular generative fire of its environment. Read below for the upcoming retreats and their special blend of curative flavours. 

Click here to read about our upcoming retreat in February 2023.

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February 6-10, 2023

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