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One Tarot Reading (45 minutes) -

can be bundled with three Self Healing Consults

Receive divinatory guidance from your Spirit Guides

via a seven card spread.


Tarot readings are the foundational bedrock of Tour de Soul. Spirit Guides of the highest truth and integrity guide myself and the recipient through seven Tarot "advice cards."

The spread includes a general advice card, a past card (what to let go of), a present card (what to embrace right now) and a future card (what to focus on in this next phase). There are also advice cards for career / work / purpose, love / relationships and wellness / lifestyle.

With the bundle, the  reading structure spans a month. The three follow up consults provide a structure for accountability and nurturing support so that clients can have their hands held as they move through the changes and internal shifts that will bring their lives into alignment with their intuitive callings.

what my clients are saying

"Natalie’s reading was exactly what I needed upon waking to my 35th birthday. I gifted myself a reading for my birthday in quarantine, a birthday I will never forget. It was such a gift to receive her messages, and channelings. It was direct and grounded, while also incorporating the ethers of magic and fire. Her ability to open into an unknown space with my higher guides, and then translate that into meaning, shows her skill and ability with tarot. Can’t wait for my next reading, and follow up session!"


"Natalie’s wisdom through the tarot was exactly what I was looking for. Her intuitive clarity spoke straight to what I’ve been processing in different areas of my life. The reading gave me some clear direction and also allowed me to access my inner truth and knowing. Definitely recommend Natalie's readings to anyone looking to explore deeper insights."


"I have had the pleasure of Natalie reading twice for me. Love and relationships and 2022 year. Natalie is an intuitive. Her process is authentic and there are many lessons/reminders for you throughout the readings. I have had many Tarot readings over a span of 40 years and Natalie is the real deal. I highly recommend having her read for you."

DEBORAH J. {Google review}

"I absolutely love Natalie! I have had readings done before with other folks but Natalie truly has the unique ability to really sense your guides and pull the cards that really need to speak to you in that precise moment.


Natalie has done the general reading, north node reading and 2 quick question readings for me and each time I have been blown away by the insight and advice the cards have provided me. Natalie's eloquent use of language is second to none and I fully trust the advice that she gives me feeling a great sense of peace and comfort. I would highly recommend booking a reading with Natalie. I wish I could have her on speed dial!:)"


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