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Tarot Readings

This is between our guides.

Tarot readings have represented the foundational building blocks of this business.

What I realized over time is that people were often impressed by the insights they received via their Spirit Guides.

What was more uncertain is whether my clients felt equipped to apply the insights into specific areas of their life.

This is why I have created a new way of working with Tarot. The entire process lasts a month. We will start with an interactive Tarot reading via Zoom and then schedule three subsequent integrative consults where we ensure that daily habits and shifts reflect the desired changes you and your Guides hope to see manifest in your life.

"I have had many different kinds of psychic readings over the years, and I can safely say this has been a rare gem of an experience. Natalie is a gifted channeller with the uncanny ability to ground her astral wisdom in the here and now. Natalie skips the woo woo fanfare and florid language that can be so alienating in these kinds of readings in favour of clear messages coupled with deeply resonant insights.

Our session felt like a sequence of truths being gently revealed one after the other. In addition to the video recording of the session, Natalie provides you with close up images of the cards as well as some written literature of each card. This means you can really take your time to savour the power of each card and its imagery in detail.


The video format feels remarkably intimate, and I loved that I was able to pause the recording at any time to take notes and digest the downloads. Just as Natalie carefully selects each card, so too does she select each word with poetic precision.


When Natalie is in flow, you can't help but feel the presence of larger forces at play offering their guidance through her. What is truly healing about Natalie's work is that it teaches you to trust in your own intuition, and remember that you have all the answers already within. Sometimes it just takes an especially gifted guide to show you the way."


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