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"Natalie possesses a wisdom wayyyyy beyond her years. Her intuitive insights seem to pierce to the heart of issues with efficiency and her warmth and humor anchor it all, paving a path for applicability and action. A session with Natalie is a bit where spiritual guidance meets life coaching meets coffee with a great friend. It could well be that Natalie came to the planet to do exactly this. She shoots you straight, which I appreciate, in a loving way showing a vision of possibility and growth and optimism!"

— Melanie Hatchell


"The North Node Reading that Natalie offered me was personalized and its messages unfolded over time for me in my daily life. In combination with the tarot reading and careful, smart, and insightful consultations, I have come to love Natalie’s meticulous, yet open method brimming with wisdom. She offers a rare combination of real world talents, ethereal knowledge, warmth, brilliance, and grounded in Earth time/space. I will continue to work with her and can’t wait for what comes next in our work together!"


"I absolutely love Natalie! I have had readings done before with other folks but Natalie truly has the unique ability to really sense your guides and pull the cards that really need to speak to you in that precise moment.


Natalie has done the general reading, north node reading and 2 quick question readings for me and each time I have been blown away by the insight and advice the cards have provided me. Natalie's eloquent use of language is second to none and I fully trust the advice that she gives me feeling a great sense of peace and comfort. I would highly recommend booking a reading with Natalie. I wish I could have her on speed dial!:)"

— S.M


"The North Node reading and consult was the absolute best. I came into the reading not understanding my life’s purpose or how I would get there or achieve it. The reading gave me practical everyday action steps towards achieving my dreams.


I’ve worked with Natalie a couple of times now and find her to be extremely brilliant at what she does. Her readings are spot spot on and delivered in an easy to understand and very organized way. She makes detailed and complex information come together seamlessly. I so appreciate her work!"

— Lorena G.B


"Natalie!!! You are AMAZING. I love the reading, you called me out and put me into place. What you said about the two paths is what I’ve been going through for the past few weeks and now it’s time to take action. And it was so weird, every time I had a thought or a theme would come up - you would mention it right after. This was definitely something I needed to hear and all the stories you were connecting from your past is in alignment with what I’m going through. You have a gift….I’ve had some tarot readings before and they were vague and non descriptive. But you were able to reach inwards and connect it to yourself. Thank you so sooo much again."

— Hazel Antiporta


"Hi Natalie, Thank you! Something told me I would need to be emotionally ready to hear it so I prepared myself. While we have known each other for many years, the parts that hit close to home the hardest were the parts of my life that you definitely knew the least about. I felt like you were speaking directly to me, and in some moments I almost felt shy that I had given you permission to read me as I don't really share my inner world, not even with my family or closest friends. Watching this made me realize that I need to stop distracting myself and tackle the work that I need to do. Will definitely rewatch my reading, I took many pages of notes and this will give me ample material to delve deeper into much needed spiritual self exploration."

— Mina H.

“Natalie has given me a powerful medicine, thoroughly explained some overarching themes I have been struggling to articulate and weave together... Wow, finding the thread I was holding on to all this time, confirmed inner knowledge and reactivated trust in my own body / capacity to integrate. Wow.”

— Alexia B.


"Natalie did my first ever Tarot and natal chart reading and the experience was fantastic! I couldn't believe how relevant the info was. Her knowledge is deep, commentary insightful, and she's just a joy to talk in general. Highly recommend!"

— Ben B.


"Natalie’s wisdom through the tarot was exactly what I was looking for. Her intuitive clarity spoke straight to what I’ve been processing in different areas of my life. The reading gave me some clear direction and also allowed me to access my inner truth and knowing. Definitely recommend Natalie's readings to anyone looking to explore deeper insights."

— Danielle Pare


“A fortuitous recommendation led me to Natalie, whose reading was open, clear and generous. She helped me see another perspective. Her interpretation was intuitive and genuine, perceptive and uninhibited. I have recommended her sessions to others and will continue to do so.”

— Eleanor Ivory

"Natalie! You definitely did connect with me/my guides. Resonated from start to finish... some things aligned with what I know or messages I’ve been receiving and some with things I’ve been completely ignoring or repressing. Not quick to cry but admittedly had tears twice…The entire reading was insightful, made sense and rang true… past/present/future and career/love/health cards and gentle gracious positive interpretation very helpful. Thank you."

— M.S


"Natalie’s reading was exactly what I needed upon waking to my 35th birthday. I gifted myself a reading for my birthday in quarantine, a birthday I will never forget. It was such a gift to receive her messages, and channelings. It was direct and grounded, while also incorporating the ethers of magic and fire. Her ability to open into an unknown space with my higher guides, and then translate that into meaning, shows her skill and ability with tarot. Can’t wait for my next reading, and follow up session!"

— Kalah Hill

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"Natalie's reading spoke to me on so many levels. The messages that came through the cards honed in on the major themes I've been grappling with recently and Natalie's intuitive interpretation provided some much-needed clarity and guidance. I've revisited my notes from the reading several times to unpack layers and threads that I see in a different light a few weeks later. She has such a beautiful gift!"

— Rachel S.


"Hi Natalie! I just finished watching the Tarot reading video, and I want to tell you there was so much in there that felt spot on! You’re wonderful! That was really powerful and has left me with a lot of thoughts/thinking to do… It was a bit like a good therapy session. SO GOOD! Really! The further into the reading we went, the more I could feel the accuracy and incisiveness of it. It was just so good! Thanks again!! :)"

— K.S

“I just watched the video; wow! I cried, I laughed and feel less crazy. Thank you so much, it was really interesting and kind of unreal how you picked up on certain things. It's the card reading of a lifetime, really. You were the right messenger, thanks for taking the time to do it. This kind of work reveals your brilliance, intuitive and sensitive nature.Thank you, I'm going to go digest for a bit."

— Joanna B.


"Wow!! Omg thank you thank you!! This is incredibly interesting and for sure resonates with some one the things that have been going on.... Incredibly insightful. Currently downloading the video so I can refer to it later. Reading was so accurate, helpful and enlightening!! Follow up session is a real bonus and it is a total joy to work with you. So much positive energy radiating from this encounter. Thank you, Natalie!!"

— C.P.S


"I was immediately struck by Natalie's depth of energy, which cut through so much conditioning and gave me insights that I had yet to come across. She lifted me up at a transitional moment of life, transmitting courage and sacred presence for the unknown. She gave me a wildly revised perspective on my creativity and resilience using channels of joy and celebration – reminding me that spiritual work is full of surprises."

— Allison K.


"A session with Natalie is like getting actually good advice from a friend who's intuitive, knowledgeable about the stars and cares about you. Personally, I need more friends like that! The combination of the tarot reading and the north node astrology worked in perfect symmetry to help me understand both my current situation and an overview of my entire life, all at once. Highly recommend."

— J.T

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