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A one time introductory offer only available to new clients.

This trio encompasses three separate sessions scheduled approximately a week apart: a Tarot reading, a North Node Consult & a Self Healing Consult. 


Unless you are signing up for the PURPOSE-FULL program right away, I prefer all new clients to start their journeys with me via the WELCOME PACK. This is because these three services provide a cartography of issues and pointers that will map our ongoing work together.

First hearing from your Guides as to where you need to lovingly direct your attention in life (for career, wellness, love etc.), we then refer to your birth chart for clarity on where your soul is meant to evolve in this lifetime (indicated by your North Node sign and house). These first two sessions give us a bouquet of insights and directives and the final consult is there to assist you in integrating them all.

what my clients are saying

 "I found Natalie and Tour De Soul by chance, and signed up for the welcome pack on a whim.  I didn't have huge expectations, I just felt an inner pull towards Natalie and the program so I just showed up with an open heart. The Tarot reading, North Node, and Healing session were each unique and insightful and beyond any expectation I could have set. I learned new things about myself that I had "known" but could  never articulate.  The north node session especially reaffirmed the shifts I have been having in my life recently, and Natalie's session provided me a framework to continue leaning into these shifts.  This is something I have been applying everyday since the reading.  I also appreciate how much context Natalie provides in each session, to really help you integrate the lessons and apply them to your life. I walked away with a list of ways I can apply everything we talked about! If you are on the fence, I highly recommend taking the leap, because you have been guided here for a reason. Thanks Natalie!!"


"The North Node Reading that Natalie offered me was personalized and its messages unfolded over time for me in my daily life. In combination with the tarot reading and careful, smart, and insightful consultations, I have come to love Natalie’s meticulous, yet open method brimming with wisdom. She offers a rare combination of real world talents, ethereal knowledge, warmth, brilliance, and grounded in Earth time/space. I will continue to work with her and can’t wait for what comes next in our work together!"


"The North Node reading and consult was the absolute best. I came into the reading not understanding my life’s purpose or how I would get there or achieve it. The reading gave me practical everyday action steps towards achieving my dreams.

I’ve worked with Natalie a couple of times now and find her to be extremely brilliant at what she does. Her readings are spot spot on and delivered in an easy to understand and very organized way. She makes detailed and complex information come together seamlessly. I so appreciate her work!"


"Natalie's readings (Tarot & North Node bundle) were profound and moving. I gained a great deal of insight from the way she carefully unpacked meaning from the tarot cards and I particularly appreciated how nuanced and thoughtful her interpretation of the cards was. It gave me a lot of guidance, and a great deal to think about and feel through. The North Node reading was similarly powerful and by the end of the two sessions I felt that I had received a real gift of insight, inspiration and guidance. They were transformative. I would highly recommend Natalie. This is clearly something she is really gifted at, and speaking with her was an immense pleasure! I gained so much from my readings that I bought the tarot package for a friend and she many similar reactions."

TINA P. {Google Review}

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