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In “Falling in Love with Reality," we looked at the healthy vs unhelpful ways we make use of our imagination. 


The self sabotaging use of imagination fell into two categories: behaviors that are numbing or avoidant.


In our first workshop, a guided self inquiry exercise showed participants where they were engaging in escapism or denial in one of these two categories.


In group coaching, we dug deeper. A few participants tackled numbing behaviours that had to do with daily habits relating to watching reality TV, smoking weed and comfort eating / ordering out.


While pleasurable in moderation, when engaged in daily as an automatic default, these activities took up space that could otherwise be occupied by more fulfilling and energizing pursuits.


Those working through avoidant behaviours noted that while navigating a difficult time, they had shut out relationships with other people in lieu of asking for help.


By the end of the month, participants had explored alternative approaches for navigating sometimes uncomfortable feelings and finding healthier ways to soothe and expand themselves.


Not only did this feel more life affirming, it also showed them that the reality of their wants and needs were not something to be feared or avoided, but when explored, often contained the key for their own self healing.


Explore this rich terrain where you can transform a numbing or avoidant behaviour in your own life or relationships, and fall in love with your reality all over again, or perhaps for the first time...

Falling in Love with Reality (Numbing & Avoidant Behaviors)

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