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The Colour Orange (Messages from my Spirit Guides)

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

In November 2022, I conducted a day-long workshop for Espace Pscyhologie, leading a group of 12 psychologists and social workers through a series of exercises on manifestation, spirituality and the development of one's oracular intuition. The last part of the day was spent participating in an activity I have since come to call, "Group Readings."

The idea to introduce this exercise came to me the night before as I lay in the sauna. I felt the intuitive nudge to remove half of my workshop material as it felt too dense of a curriculum. I decided to introduce this exercise for the second half instead which would allow a more spacious and intimate exchange. My expectations for this part of the class were low as I saw it more as a fun experiment to end on.

In the exercise, I lead participants through a guided meditation in which I connect them with what I call their "spirit guidance teams," composed of various energetic entities (spirit guides, angels, divinities and 'well and healed ancestors' (a term coined by Dr. Kate Tomas). Once they have direct access to their guides, participants act as mediums as we move through each person in the group and channel messages from their guides to them. Let's say I am the recipient of this divination - each member of the group will ask their guides to connect with my guides so as to let me know what my guides think I need I need to hear at that time. In this way, we all leave with twelve personalized messages and advice on little bits of paper.

The results of this 'experiment' were unprecedented. I initially thought it would be challenging for psychologists to move through this process, as they are not only trained in rational forms of psychology but are engrained with the ethos to "project" onto their clients as little as possible, leaning towards active listening and suggestion rather than imposing direction from the outside. I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only were these therapists capable of laying down their professional hats long enough to trust what was streaming through their third eye, but were incredibly open emotionally to what words were coming through for them to receive.

We were thirteen women in total. Twelve women, including me, had their eyes well up with tears - for some it was as subtle as a trembling voice and for others, sobs were softly or strongly released both when receiving their own messages and watching others receive theirs. The only person not to cry was the last one in the group, who admitted she felt intimidated by the pressure to "cry" since all the reactions before her were so visceral. But for all involved, the emotional component of this experience was a profound surprise.

I have since conducted this workshop many dozens of times, both online and in various venues here in Nosara, particularly so at NORTE Hotel & Studio, where I do this workshop twice a week as part of my INTUITION MASTERY class series. I always ask to receive messages from students if there is time as I have come to cherish these divinatory messages with the same seriousness and profundity I do when I visit a professional psychic or intuitive healer. I have kept every note I have received, which fill an envelope that has become one of my most prized possessions.

As the number of iterations of this workshop increased, I started to become stunned by the patterns of consistency that emerged when it came to messages from different classes and even between participants of a single class. Multiple strangers would deliver messages to the recipient that often mentioned the same words, terms or key ideas. The notion that my guides were speaking through these various individuals who knew nothing about me and were attending separate classes became inarguable when I realized that was coming through was alarmingly precise. One such example is two people telling me to "change my pillow" one month apart - they both mentioned this in the "wellness" category which includes health, habits and home.

I decided to "inventory" the various messages I received into key themes to illustrate that our guides will do whatever they can to get the message across, through whomever and whatever they have access to as divine messengers. In this case, a beginner with no experience played the role of the ancient god Hermes or a professional psychic, proving that the skill of intuition is accessible to all willing to train it. And truthfully, the predictions that have come through these novices has been more accurate and on point than even many paid psychics I have seen.

Some of these messages resemble the tone and format I tend to rely on when I give readings or intuitive consults. But many participants see, hear and feel things in ways that I do not, revealing that for some their intuition channels through clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircongnition (I tend to fit into the latter category, where messages come through as words or ideas). I rarely feel things in my body or see very specific images of people and scenes. I soon realized, others had access to intuitive knowledge about me that I was unaware of, despite engaging in this function professionally.

One category of consistent messaging coming from my guides through this past eight months of these classes surrounds the colour orange. Here are some examples of the messages I have transcribed around this subject. The first of these happened during the initial workshop with the French Canadian psychologists:

English translation below

In this message, the person mentions heat and the colour orange, and tells me I need to go to a place outside of Canada that is hot and that I need to go alone to find myself. What she didn't know about me (all involved knew almost nothing about my life before the workshop), is that in less than two weeks I was moving to Costa Rica from Montreal. Not only was heat one of the main motivations behind my relocation (heat is profoundly healing for me, evidenced by the fact I had worked through the class structure in the sauna the night before), but I had recently left an eight year relationship and decided to make this major life change by myself. Dead on. Someone else also mentioned my moving away (in English, change of place of living):

Months passed and I hosted the workshop in person in Nosara, Costa Rica to new participants. This message came through a few months later, when channeling a message about my career (when we are in a small group, each participant gets a messages on career, relationships and wellness respectively). 'Orange' was the only word in the page and a half of writing that was written in capital letters:

Then last week, I held the class for four participants. Two of them mentioned the colour orange for me. Please note that we do not hear or see each other's messages until the end of class. Each person writes down what they channeled, folds their papers and hands them to the recipient to be read aloud at the end of class. My papers said (among other things):

Funnily enough, that morning I had just purchased a bunch of oranges at the local market and ordered a fresh orange juice and coconut water delivery to my house. (I did not purchase flowers this past week, which displeased my guides, as you will soon see). Then, it that same class, the other two participants both mentioned a tiger (also orange):

This is interesting because I am a tiger in Chinese astrology but also because another participant had mentioned a tiger in another class a few months earlier:

The question then becomes, how do we interpret such messages when it's not immediately clear what they mean? Theories may emerge and interpretations may be multiple and layered. For instance, Dr. Kate Tomas (mentioned above) once taught in a masterclass that the colour orange represents Money, particularly in affiliation with the money god of Mercury (also the messenger). I do not know the history of this thinking, but it is obvious that gold is of an orange-y tone (Kate is a PhD witch - literally, from Oxford - and I trust what she says with fierce allegiance). Kate also had instructed to make orange and clove pomanders to attract financial abundance.

Funnily enough, years ago (before I knew Kate's work), I was waiting in an airport terminal and decided to look for a new wallet. I had the inkling that I should purchase a wallet that felt cheerful, light and bright, to repair any associations I had with financial management of being something that caused strain or stress. This recent series of reflections made me realize that the wallet I chose was covered in oranges.

wallet with oranges on it

When looking at the message around oranges themselves, one could say that I need more Vitamin C, which most of us do. This would make sense as I eat fruit quite inconsistently and had been craving oranges that same morning, which is why I bought them at the market. I had ordered the half gallons of coconut water and orange juice that same week to start making 'adrenal cocktails', which involves half and half of these two liquids with the addition of sea salt.

Then of course, there is the orange (sacral) chakra, sometimes known as the "sex chakra." I have sacral authority in Human Design (an esoteric system from recent years), which means my intuition is processed through this part of my body. This area could also have been activated by this being the first time in my adult life I have been single for more than a few months and seeking partnership through which I can build a family and bear children. The zone of this chakra is said to be around the perineum and reproductive organs, which is why it is also associated with the Hindu goddess of Parvati, who rules fidelity, fertility and power (shown below holding her child, Ganesh, on a lion). Given I am many years into manifesting a child, this also makes a lot of sense. I have also been working through the subjects of sensuality and eroticism in my work, such as my recent class on Sensual Embodiment as part of my SOUL DETECTIVE Virtual Academy. It also makes sense that given its association with birth, it is also said to be the energetic site of creativity.

picture of Parvati holding Ganesh on a lion

This image is evocative of the STRENGTH card from the Thoth Tarot deck I was pulling incessantly for a few challenging months after moving to Costa Rica (it hasn't shown up lately, to my great relief). Much can be said about what that card meant to me during those times. In other decks, this card is illustrated by a woman sitting daintily on a lion's back (or caressing its head), much the same as the image of Parvati. In the Thoth deck, this scene also shows up in the lust card (below) and in the case of the Princess of Wands - which I have affectionately termed the "single lady card," a tiger's tail reaches around a naked woman's neck as she ascends up a roaring flame.

Here the imagery of heat, female sensuality, power, creation and the wild feline (lion/tiger) come together. In the day or two after I received messages about the tiger, a friend of mine was selling some books, which I was desperately craving after leaving my book collection back in Canada. One of the books she was selling was called "Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma," by Peter A. Levine.

Cover of the book "Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma" by Peter A. Levine

As the class student had instructed me to "look for tigers" in his message, I included it in my purchase. This made sense as I was healing my nervous system after a traumatic month of medical energies with my dog, Blue, and was working with several new clients who were themselves recovering from traumatic events. I had also been told by a medium that I am in a time of professional learning, and this book could be a signal about where to deepen my knowledge.

Then there is the story of my quad (ATV) rentals here Costa Rica. The first two quads I rented both stalled on the highway, leaving me in a precarious situation that was highly stressful. When I was faced with the decision of whether to continue to rent a quad from an acquaintance that had flaws after it had been in the garage for a few weeks (out of allegiance to our verbal agreement) or to continue to use a third quad I had rented in the meantime (that worked perfectly), I made the difficult decision to prioritize my own peace of mind above people pleasing. I chose the quad that worked best for me and had to set a challenging personal boundary. I later realized the license plate read "777," with 3 and 7 being lucky numbers for me (my birthday is March 7th). I only recently realized the quad I kept is bright orange (and it was the 'third time's a charm').

And finally the flowers. When last week I was told to buy orange flowers, I smiled and let it go as a passing thought. When conducting the same workshop a week later (two days ago), one of the participants included several flowers in my message from her. As we read aloud our notes at the end, she intervened and added that she also saw poppies; she modified her original message by adding: white peonies and orange poppies. Clearly my guides were not kidding about the flowers. I am now searching for a florist in town...

To me, all of this is fascinating. It brings an entirely new meaning to my use of the term SOUL DETECTIVE as I am now faced with an ongoing research into the history of symbolism and mysticism that adds richness and depth to my life and profession. Whether my guides are privileging one of these intended meanings or many of them simultaneously, whether or not they are leaving me breadcrumbs in the form of orange-toned clues to bring abundance, love or purpose into my life is all open for interpretation.

But one thing feels certain - that my guides are communicating to me and that this ongoing practice is adding a concrete form of magic to my life. This, to me, is a dream come true. If you are curious to participate in such a mystical adventure, I encourage you to join a GROUP READINGS class one day. If you are in Nosara, come to Norte on Tuesday or Sunday, but if not I host this same online workshop Monday, July 17th at 8:30 pm EST. If you can't make either one, but you are feeling called to such a practice, follow the guidance and reach out to me to let me know your interest. I can personally message you the next time I hold another online event of this nature.

We are all on this soul adventure together. We are guided by invisible energies and anyone or anything around you may be a conduit for your soul's navigation. Welcome the synchronicities, dialogue with your guides and above all, trust your interpretation of the meaning of the signs - never taking lightly the small but mighty whisper of your inner voice. The power is within us and yet we can not do it alone. Orange was off my personal radar but my guides were doing everything they could to communicate to me and it was only because of my TdS community that I was made able to listen and receive this divine support. So, thank you. May you find your messengers soon.

Back of an open orange Jeep with Pura Vida written on the back

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